1>  Get your registration Number (as of 11/18 all numbers have been distributed, no new numbers will be assigned for this round of parties.)

2> Pick your date and send your invitations (EVite is Preferred )

3>  CLOSE your reservations and fill out the form HERE, being sure to provide all information requested.   **PLEASE NOTE** The books and items provided contain adult themes, when you agree to host a party, you agree you will not give books or products to anyone under the age of 18 years old.  Your completion of the final party booking is your agreement to this restriction.  **ALL RSVP’S MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 15 DECEMBER (12:00 NOON EST) FOR THIS ROUND OF PARTIES***

4>  Await your confirmation – you will be TOLD that your party has been confirmed – do not assume confirmation without this email

5> Await your package – packages are shipped ONLY after the numbers have been confirmed. All packages will be shipped to arrive within 2 – 3 days of your scheduled date.

6> TAKE PHOTOS.  You are agreeing to photograph your goodies, your party and the fun you are having – please send jpeg or png photos to  Be sure you share your party pics on FB and Twitter – tag people – let them see how fun this is.

7>  ALL Guests and hosts are asked to return to this website AFTER the party and complete the SURVEY (it is on its own tab) and linked here.

Failure to comply with the above steps will remove you from consideration for future opportunities.

Questions? Please see the FAQ’s