Party planning – The process

♦  You will have received your welcome email with your Registration #.

Now you are ready to start planning that party!!

♦  You have chosen a date (being sure to allow for time to get your RSVPs in and get your party package sent)

 Now it’s theme time.  Go here to see some themes that we have suggested PLUS some ideas from some of our wonderful hosts!  You can also see some recipes HERE and even more HERE

♦  You’ve got the date, the location and the theme: now you are ready to send invitations! 

Here’s a simple walk-though of the E-Vite Process – please pay specific attention to these instructions, we will need the party URL and your download for invited guests as well as your finalized RSVP list.

IF you are using Facebook events – please be sure to make the event public  so that we can see your rsvp list.  You will need to provide the URL for the event to us in the form so we can verify your attendees.  Please make your RSVP list close 2 weeks before your event! (for shipping your goodies)  thank you!

HERE  are some images that are inspiration (or book related) …. you can use these for your invites – just click on the photo and ask it to open image in a new tab – then save to your computer!!    Don’t forget to check Pinterest as well for inspirations!

You can find the graphics HERE


3 thoughts on “Party planning – The process

  1. Rachel Cleveland

    And I have an awesome cake I am gonna make to go with our theme…..a womans torso with a RED BIKINI!!!

  2. Beverly Gordon

    I have a few questions about my party who do i contact so i can ask someone

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