Lisa P’s Party

The evening started in the “Allure Art Gallery “(living room).

As the guest entered, they signed the canvas provided and posed as living art behind a picture frame. The room smelled of roses to represent Rebecca’s office.

On the entrance table is Rebecca’s black velvet box containing: three red leather (look) journals, a paintbrush and Rebecca’s torn picture (the picture is of my friend that resembles Rebecca’s description.) Also on the table was the box for the girls to put their deep dark secrets (like Rebecca’s) .

On a side table was a rose boutique that was given to Sara from Chris with the quote from the book “Because under the rose tree, I was a jerk, but a lucky one, because you were there with me.”

Displayed on one table, was several painting along with a Ricco Alvarez original titled
“Krista” , since Ricco names his art after women this on was named for my niece that painted that piece in grammar school,. Her picture with it is included.

On another table, is Chris Merit’s art including several San Francisco urban landscapes and quotes from different characters describing the artist from the book.

The foods offered in the gallery are : a variety of wines, cheese and crackers, fruit, vegetables, meatballs, artichoke dip and bread and caprese salad bites.

We then moved into “Cup O’Cafe” ( kitchen and family room). The room had coffee scented candles burning.

Chris’s table was near the fireplace with a sketch pad with Sara’s picture sketched in it, a cup of coffee and snack on the table. His leather jacket and backpack were hanging on back of the chair and his helmet was resting on his chair. Other tables were set up with a chess set, books and other items you might see in
a coffee shop.

The foods offered in “Cup o’Cafe” were hot and iced coffee, cupcakes with dragons designs on them, goblets of chocolate ganache and whipped cream, a variety of cheesecake slices with chocolate mold dragons, and ‘slutty’ brownies (layered brownies, with sugar cookie, Oreo and brownie layers)

The prizes and gift bags were displayed and a side table.

We Skyped with Lisa Renee Jones as well. She was sweet and graciously answered all of our questions. It was like she was one of the girls! Truly a good time!

From there, we played a round of ‘If I Were You” trivia. Then we opened the secrets box and share each juicy one.

We handed out prizes and gift bags and looked at and discussed “Escaping Reality”. We used the laptop and some of the girls used their tablets and phones to look at Lisa’s website and complete their surveys

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole party planning process as well as the interactions on the Facebook party page. I would like to thank Lisa, Diego, Gaele, Melissa and everyone on the party team! I would love to do it again!

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Lisa P