Party Themes

mardi gras masks


One of the harder ideas for party planning is coming up with a theme.  You want it to be fun, you want people to remember it – but MOST of all, you, THE HOST, should be able to enjoy your party too!

So – mild to wild – here are some suggestions…… and don’t worry – we have links for FOOD and for some GAMES and even – for those who have read the book – a follow up set of Book Club Questions that you can share with your party-goers, or plan a second to discuss the book!!

So – Simple party ideas :

A book club meeting – whether or not you’ve read the books – a book club is a great way to start a buzz:  check out the reviews and blog posts – show people how excited you are about the books – serve some snacks.   Yeah – basic and simple – but sometimes that works best for you and your friends.

You want to go one further – THEME your party by color or place (we’ve seen a great idea for a RED party) to match the book cover:  food and drink will all be red, guests asked to wear red.  Or go to Paris: serve french-inspired food, wine and cheese, set up a slide show on your computer with images from Paris….use Google earth to see the streets and imagine yourself there.  Play with funny french accents!    You can also use Los Angeles theme – dress up as your favorite stars and have a red carpet show – play dress up – have FUN with it.

Mexican Themed party – a pinata ? Tequila?  What about those who don’t drink? Or what if you want to make it non-alcoholic?  Mexican chocolate (with a touch of cayenne) makes a lovely hot cocoa…

Girls Night In party – remember the fun pajama parties when you were a kid? Have everyone come in lounge wear – then just get silly and have fun.  Play games, do makeup, play with the tattoos !

Storage Locker party – We all know that the journals that started this story were found in a storage locker.  So why not play with that idea? Go to the very back of your closet and dig out a bag-full of things you will never use.  Everyone at the party gets to search for a new ‘treasure’, and then donate the rest to your local church, salvation army,  or shelter.   You could even amp it up and run an auction with monopoly money – use the big winner’s bag as the door prize winner!

Wine Tasting party – you can also do this with vodkas, scotch, just about anything you want. Just be sure to have either cabs or a designated driver to get all of the attendees home safely!

Cookie Swap – it’s that season – everyone will bring a specific amount of cookies – packaged – you arrive with a bunch of your own cookies – you leave with a nice mix!

Giving Thanks party – for heroes for servicemen, the list goes on and on… perhaps ask your guests to bring items that you will send / give to the firestation (goodies – they love food) or send overseas to a serviceman.  You are only limited by your imagination!

What will come in your pack?  

A paperback copy of If I Were You: Inside Out # 1 by Lisa Renee Jones
Journals – like Rebecca’s Journals
Dragon Fans and Temporary Tattoos
Plus we will try to include some fun ‘customized’ items to supplement your party theme!
**** items can change at any time due to availability issues…****

Hosts:  will receive a t-shirt donated by XOXO After Dark

Adult themed parties:  we are getting a ‘mixed box’ of items from Adam and Eve: you can get some sexy goodies.

There are more bits to come or be added – please feel free to offer suggestions and ideas in the Facebook Group!


3 thoughts on “Party Themes

  1. Rachel Cleveland

    I AM SOOOOO excited for this! I cannot wait!!!!

    This is going to awesome and SO much fun!
    My girls and I are gonna have a blast….I have decided to a kinda combination themed party…. an adult / lingerie / red…..etc!!!!

    Again cannot wait!

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