Hi there! This is a walk through to help you get started with Evite!

1. Go to evite.com

2. In the upper right corner click “Register”

3. Please fill out your information, or for easier access login with Facebook. Once you have completed the form, hit the green “Register” button.

4. On the next screen you will need to click the green “Create an Invitation” button
5. On the left hand side of the screen you will need to click “Upload Your Photo”

6. Please pick out a design for your invite. You will then see your invite and the stock photo that is already in place. Now click the camera icon that is on the stock photo:

7. A screen will pop up prompting you to pick your picture for the invite. At this time hit “Browse” and find the picture you have picked out for your invitation:

8. Once your photo is uploaded, scroll down and fill out the information about the party. Then on the right hand side pick your preferences for RSVP details. I suggest keeping the default setting and then you may change the answer options to your liking:

9. Below the “RSVP Style” section, click the “Notifications” and choose your preference.

10. Now click into the “Hide Guest List” section. This is an important section for our events. Please make sure the box next to “Make the guest list only visible to the host.” is NOT checked. The organizers of the parties will need access to the guest list from time to time and they need to be able to see it.

11. Guest Options is next. It will be easier on the organizers if everyone will register by themselves (with the exception of children) so it is recommended that you do not allow for guest options. Of course we encourage you to invite as many people as you can but, for head counts and other aspects it would be best if you did not allow guest options.

12. You are now done with your current screen and can hit continue at the bottom. The next screen will allow you to invite your friends by their email addresses. There are also options to input your email address book and grab names from there as well. Remember to separate email addresses by commas.

13. Once you have entered in all email addresses hit “Finish and Send” at the bottom

14. At the very top of the screen you have the option to share your invitation on Facebook and to view your invitation. Share if you would like but, then select “View This Invitation”

15. The page you are on now is the event page. The organizer will need this page url eventually. Here you can start a dialogue with your attendees and they can converse back. You can also keep track of who is coming and who is not able to make it. A big tool on this page is the option to “export to excel” this will allow you to have an Excel spreadsheet of everyone you invited and their responses. I’m sure the organizers will request this from you when the final tallies are being made for your party. You can also add pictures on your event’s wall and share to social media platforms from this page. Here you can also edit your invitation if there is any change and it will allow you to alert the attendees as well.

16. Congratulation you have created your event! We are so looking forward to having you  host these parties. Please let us know if you have any questions about the Evite process or anything else.


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