Lisa Renee Jones has kindly offered to help her readers host book parties. Basically this is a Tupperware or jewelry party but, with books! Here’s a breakdown of the information:

Who: You (the Host) + at least 9 attendees. We will only allow parties with a minimum of 10 people.

What: The Book Parties are actual, physical, parties that you host at the venue of your choice. If you have followed the steps below to get your party started then Lisa will send you a box of goodies, including:

  • A paperback copy of If I Were You (Inside Out #1) for each partygoer
  • LRJ/Inside Out Swag
  • Door Prizes
  • Hostess Gift
  • Other miscellaneous items which we will try to tailor to your event/theme **there are NO guarantees – you will get goodies – you just won’t always know what they are until they arrive.

When: The party date will be at your discretion. However, please allow at least 2 weeks’ time (from the close of your RSVP’S) so we can get the party box together and shipped.

Where: The venue of your choice. Your home, local bookstore, library. Anywhere that is legal, and for which you have permission to use J

Why: Because this will be SO much fun! Invite your friends for a night of terrific reading, games, and much more fun. Recruit some new Lisa Renee Jones fans and show them what they’ve been missing!

OTHER:  The books and items provided contain adult themes, when you agree to host a party, you agree you will not give books or products to anyone under the age of 18 years old.


Still interested? Please read the following steps CAREFULLY. This is an ongoing process and we are all still learning the best way to make these parties run as smoothly as possible. Therefore, please be patient and use the resources on this site before contacting one of our admins. NOTE: for any and all correspondences to the admins please use your Reference #

***as of 11/18 no new host requests will be accepted.  Keep your eye on this space for potential future opportunities, but the response to this first offer were better than expected.

***ALL RSVP’s Must Be SUBMITTED by 15 December at 12:00 Noon EST (-5 GMT) ******


  1. Fill out the  .
  2. Wait to receive “Welcome” e-mail. In the welcome email will be your specific Reference #. You will use this when communicating with the admins and for future forms. So keep it somewhere safe!
  3. While waiting for your Welcome email or to get your party process rolling please consider the following steps:
    • Join the Party with LRJ Facebook Page– this will help connect you to other hosts so you can brainstorm ideas. It is also helpful for the admins to have the hosts in a group so they can have a back-up way to contact you or post new information.
    • Grab a banner/button- you will find graphics here that you may use for your invites or promotion.
    • Start your online guest list. Yes, these are real parties. However, it will be simple and easy for future reference to use a Facebook Event page, or EVite.com to form and keep track of your guest list. Also, at some point you will need to hand over this list to the admins so they can confirm your information. Instructions on the EVite.com process can be found here . NOTE: If you are using either EVite please allow the guest list/event to be public. Facebook events also should be public so we can verify RSVP’s, however, you can join the facebook group and see alternatives.
    • Check out the FAQ page
  4. Once you have sent out invites and received replies please fill out the Party Final Booking Form. But ONLY if you have completed the steps above.
  5. Download or compile your RSVP response list. This list MUST be in Excel format. Please send to: lrjparty@gmail.com
  6. You’re DONE! We’ll send you a confirmation email.


  • For the first wave we will only be accepting 50 parties. So get you info and party planned quickly so you can book in one of our slots!
  • Serious inquiries only. Please be confident that you can pull a party with at least 10 attendees together. Also, please keep in mind: this is a terrific opportunity that Lisa is allowing her readers and fans. Do NOT take advantage of this situation.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We would LOVE to see pictures and videos! On FB/Twitter/Instagram etc. tag @LisaReneeJones and use #InsideOutParty. Also send copies of pictures to lrjparty@gmail.com
  • Another huge help: We will be sending along Post Party Surveys. This is a tremendous help, it allows us to get feedback on how we can do things differently, and make these experiences even better. There will be enough surveys for each attendee, please encourage them to fill it out!
  • Encourage review of If I Were You on Amazon/Goodreads/Barnes & Noble etc.